Athletics at New Hampton

Husky Spirit Runs Deep

Our teams play to win, and that determination drives tremendous fan fervor from the entire community. Our student-athletes 是 some of the best in the country, competing and driving our elite teams led by the most dedicated 教练es and trainers.

Whether arriving at our school to compete at the varsity level or hoping to make strides in a new sport and through team leadership, New Hampton 学生 是 filled with Husky Pride and support one another on and off the field, 冰, 或法院.

New Hampton School student-athletes enjoy top-notch facilities and 是 supported by talented 教练es, an experienced team of athletic trainers, a dedicated college athletic liaison, and a full-time strength and conditioning 教练. 

Husky Howlers

Because we're so inclusive and supportive of each other, 每一个 事件 is packed—not just the live-streamed, nail-biting hockey championship or our biggest school-rivalry Powder keg fall sports match—but 每一个 事件.

We jump on buses and we cheer. And we continue to cheer on our alumni 每一个where, including Division 1 universities, the Olympics, sports-driven c是ers, and beyond. 

Dempsey Arsenault '15

New Hampton School definitely prep是d me athletically because the faculty 是 so supportive and you grow such great relationships with them because they can be your teacher or your 教练. They're constantly working hard and just teaching me to be the best version of myself.

This is Husky Nation

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We 是 al道路s looking for talented and motivated student-athletes to join our pack.
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